So you say you want to be an adult…

So, you say you want to learn to be adult? Well, so would I. Becoming and adult is more than just going from the ripe age of 17 to 18. It can’t be marked by the purchase of your first lottery ticket, or your self declaration of mature freedom. Becoming an adult is all the little things, collectively, that make us wake up and go “wow, I’m old.” or even better “wow, where has time gone?”Adulting won’t be achieved all at once, but it will begin with baby steps, like going to the doctors office by yourself, deciding not to wear your sequin mini skirt to a job interview, or by simply realizing that microwavable food is just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to actually cooking. And yes, pizza is a food group.

Generation Y. My beloved generation. Millennials. We are all in the process of learning how to ‘adult’. However, we are the generation of change. After our Furbies batteries died, and we forgot to feed our Tamagotchis for the hundredth time, we learned to use technology as second nature. We had our cell phones by middle school, could master any instant message forum, and surf the internet like it was our job. We are the generation of quick answers, all of which we found on google.

We turn to the internet for just about everything. Can’t tell the difference between breath and breathe? Internet. Want to see how many followers Grumpy Cat has now? Internet. Need to know how long to cook those sodium filled ramen noodles? Internet. What an amazing world we live in that we can find the answer to anything in .5 seconds or less. Although this constant plug-in to technology has changed the way we have grown up. As we reach the height of adulthood we have been influenced by far different forces than our parents generation. (I mean looking back, even our Tamagotchis could be seen as a digital advancement; far more advanced than lose lame Lincoln logs we once sported during play time.)

Digital Media has been pumping us full of how-to videos, memes, and blogs about what it means to be a ‘good’ or ‘mature’ or even a ‘proper’ adult. These are things that our parents’ generation didn’t have to deal with. They didn’t have vine sayings ruining their social lives, or hashtags filling their timelines. We wonder why they think we can’t function by ourselves, but in the end we have never really had to. The internet has paved the way for us in just about every way possible, including what it means to grow up.  However, while these forums can show us the good in growing up, they can also expose us to the bad. So how do you know what advice to follow? How do you know what it even means to be an adult?

Thats where I come in. By all means, trust me I am still figuring our this big bad adult thing with you, but know that you can always learn from your mistakes, or even better the mistakes of others (its far less embarrassing that way). By taking what digital media is telling us, and figuring out if it is even good advice at all, this whole adulting thing may be a little easier than we all originally thought. Right? Well they never said it would be easy, but hey, we will not go down without a fight, at least not without asking Siri where the nearest Taco Bell is first.

Prepare for adulthood.